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DMIUSA is a dedicated team of professionals who utilize the best equipment in the world to produce the highest quality products, in less time, and at a lower cost to our customers. We are a major resource for book publishers, catalog producers, magazines, agencies and printers throughout the world.
Please allow our dedicated team of professionals, innovative workflow, and superior equipment to benefit you on your next prepress project.



Our Customers say...

"If there were any hesitations I had about using a vendor on the opposite side of the country, you proved to me how DMI could be as expeditious as the "guy around the corner". One thing I worried about was turnaround...but with your FTP site, we can get high resolution scans back the next day after we send them out and corrections back the same day."

- Michelle Bernard, Ultimate Office

"I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the truly great job you did with the project. Your scans were of superior quality, sizing and organization was careful, and Chuck's queries were thoughtful and timely. Your efforts were an important part of bringing sanity to this slightly crazy art program."

-Joan Keyes, Dovetail Publishing services

"I have to thank you and your staff for the top quality service that DMI provided us. Every question and concern was answered within 24 hours in the most kindly and knowledgeable way... the next time I have need for high quality, art-level color reproduction, I will certainly use DMI."

- Bette Brodsky, New Mexico Magazine

"Our first experience with DMIUSA could not have gone any better. Their approach to our project was very professional and handled smoothly, timely, and the quality of work was outstanding. The final invoice was even lower than estimated-bringing our prepress costs in under budget!

-Marie Quinn, Deva Lifewear