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Please allow our dedicated team of professionals, innovative workflow and superior equipment to benefit you on your next prepress project. For more information, contact your sales representative.
Greg Doyle: Executive Vice President
Greg owned his own prepress company for 10 years, which he merged with Uniscan Photographics, a division of Macson Printing and Lithography in Glendale, California. Greg continued there as general manager and head CSR for the prepress division for 7 more years until he joined our team. Greg is a book specialist and has helped train project managers for some of the largest book publishers in the nation.
Chuck Austin
Chuck spent 10 years as a CSR and project manager for Schawk Graphics in Chicago, Illinois. In the 3 years before joining our team, Chuck worked at another specialty trade shop (Platemasters) where he specialized in prepress for reproduction on metal and plastics.
Stewart Martin
Stewart has spent 20 years in prepress and was a lead team member at the number one design firm in Scotland for 5 years. Most recently, he was prepress manager for Transnational Printing in Sacramento, California.
Bill Turner
Bill joined DMI as a high-end scanner operator and color specialist from the San Francisco Bay area. With over 10 years of pre-press color experience with a top agency, Bill and his team of color professionals have earned a reputation for consistently creating vivid, high definition color of unrivalled quality.
Rick Stanley
Rick has 23 years experience in the printing industry beginning with R.R. Donnelley & Sons and more recently with a full service prepress shop in Portland, Oregon. His extensive production experience has helped Rick develop his technically oriented organizational and customer service skills.
Steve West
Steve has mantained DMI's technical support for almost 10 years. His technical and computer engineering talents have helped to build the company network infrastructure that keeps DMI on the cutting edge of productivity.
Robert Stewart
Robert began his prepress profession in 1964 with Mike Roberts Color Productions in San Fransisco, at the time the largest postcard producer in the world. Robert is a color and image expert who specializes in color image separation and Adobe Photoshop manipulation.
Daven Lewis
Daven Lewis has been a DMI Customer Sales and Service representative for 10 years. Prior to joining our team at DMI, Daven owned and operated his own sales and distribution buisiness in California and Oregon. Daven brings his customer service experience to assist you in providing the services you need for each project.