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Frequently asked Questions      
Is DMI a printing company?


DMI is not a printer but a full service prepress provider that saves you time and money by preparing your images and page files for print without the overhead cost of a large press. This allows our clients to be more flexible with their print needs, giving them the freedom to seek the most competitive printing prices, separate from the prepress cost. Because our quality is so high, and at such competitive prices, this is a win-win for our clients.      
Does DMI work with printers?      
Yes, DMI works directly with many printers across the nation, including the largest and most popular printers in the mid-west. We send ripped and trapped page files directly to your printer as soon as you give final OK on your project.      
What do you mean, "full service prepress"?      
DMI has the experience and talent to provide the highest quality digital image manipulation, critical page composition, full spread imposed flat proofs and high resolution scans, all for less cost than our competitors.      
What other services does DMI provide?      
DMI also collaborates and creates entire media portfolios for communications companies, such as Talk Radio Network. This includes posters, print and trade advertisements, newsletters, bio cards, and other collateral material. We also can create web ready animated banner ads and optimize your images for your website.      
My printer says I have to use their page proofs, because they are calibrated to their press.      
The printing industry years ago developed a standard for color proofing called SWOP standard. DMI uses SWOP standard for proof calibration and we check calibration each morning, accounting for any slight variations due to temperature or humidity, for strict color accuracy. The SWOP standard was developed for one reason, color accuracy and consistancy from any printer across the country.      
How is color accuracy maintained between my monitor, proofs and my final printed material?      

Computer monitors display luminescent light, with a broader color gamut than printed material, which is viewed with reflective light at a much narrower color gamut. This discrepancy is why most images on your computer monitor in RGB appear more brilliant than your print of the same file. DMI color profesionals understand this and optimize your images for proper highlight, shadow, contrast, and clean up contaminant colors, so your images capture attention. DMI also uses Barco calibrated monitors, considered the highest quality color accurate monitors in the industry.

DMI always uses industry standard 5000K light viewing booths for color accurate viewing. This provides the same color correct lighting conditions that quality printers use across the nation. With this standard, your proofs and print material are viewed, calibrated and adjusted accurately from LA to NY and everywhere in between.

In addition, our SWOP calibrated proofs give you color correct page and image proofs so you know how your pages and files will print on press. Our strict quality control and color expertise eliminates any color surprises on press check. We can also provide you with an industry standard color target for you to use in calibrating your monitor. Remember, even the lighting in the room can affect your viewing conditions.

A printer told me that unless they prepare our files themselves, they couldn't guarantee the quality of our job.      

This is a sad sales tactic to control clients. As a specialty prepress facility, we can prepare your page files and output press ready proofs for 33% - 50% less than most printers. And because we use the same technology and file formats as any printer, they are receiving ripped and trapped files from the professionals at DMI that are at or usually above their own quality.

At DMI we offer solutions for your projects, not sales techniques. Try this suggestion: Bid out your project to 2 or 3 printers, asking for a price on the whole project and a price just on printing alone, without the prepress.

If they hide some or all of the prepress cost into the printing bill, the print cost will be inflated. You should easily find a better printing price elsewhere. This is usually the case if a printer says there is no difference in price between printing your press ready files, or preparing your files in addition to printing.


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